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3d Art & Ebooks website is an Ecommerce Website for displaying and selling works of Pierre Chalory form of online direct sales, no intermediary between, customers, art lovers, collectors and creative. This site is Responsive Design, ie it can be used easily on a smartphone or a touch pad, images and text, and website usability to fit the screen size.

Several categories are available:

>>>> Original paintings, art oil painting on canvas, surreal kind.

>>>> Sculptures, marble, metal, wood, other materials.

>>>>Ebooks; unpublished digital books, texts and imaginary or from verifiable facts stories.

>>>> 3d Videos, Experimental, Virtual Galleries

>>>> Digital Art, paintings made ​​with graphics software, illustrator, adobe fireworks, others. The digital images are then flashed on fabrics chosen dimension, stretched on a wooden frame.
Inclusions in original

>>>> 3d crystal cube, made ​​on specific software 3ds file and then materialized in the form of 3d laser crystal blocks in picture.

Secure Payment Paypal or by check. The work is sent within three days of receipt of payment, transport costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

For more information, use the contact form; . If you want a response, you must include your email, this is why the word mandatory mail address is registered.

This site is not 100% complete, modifications, additions are made ​​to gradually evolve technical parameters and contenu.Vous can find in the links useful addresses for painters.

Pour marque-pages : Permaliens.

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